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Christian Ireland

St. Patrick and other missionaries from the Roman World first introduced Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. In the thousands of intervening years, religion has played a central role in the daily lives of Irish people. In the fifth and sixth centuries, monasteries throughout the country became centers of learning and manuscript illustration, producing wonderful arts and crafts. Christian Ireland traces the evolution of Christianity in Ireland with visits to the most renowned Holy Places, Shrines, Monasteries and Monastic Ruins. Book of Kells

The Book of Kells in Dublin Trinity College
- an illuminated manuscript in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament together with various prefatory texts and tables. It was transcribed by Celtic monks ca. 800. The text of the Gospels is largely drawn from the Vulgate, although it also includes several passages drawn from the earlier versions of the Bible known as the Vetus Latina. It is a masterwork of Western calligraphy and represents the pinnacle of Insular illumination. It is also widely regarded as Ireland's finest national treasure.

- One of Ireland's most famous monastic sites, founded by the hermit St Kevin in the sixth century. Set by the lake in a secluded valley this remarkable site includes a Round Tower, Oratory, Beehive Hut and Five Crosses.

Knock BasilicaKnock Shrine
- Co Mayo, scene of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin in 1879, today a major Marian Shrine.

St. Patrick's Centre Downpatrick
- A new and interesting interpretative centre which tells the story of Ireland's Patron saint St. Patrick. The centre also examines the major impact of Irish Missionaries in Europe.

- Extensive walled site beside the River Shannon with ruins of a Cathedral, 8 Churches, Round Towers and High Crosses.

Christchurch Cathedral
Christchurch Cathedral
- At the heart of the city of Dublin for almost a thousand years, Christ Church cathedral has a rich cultural history which can be traced from the Vikings in AD1030 and the Anglo-Normans to the present. Its diverse architectural and sculptural heritage remains a source of fascination to visitors and pilgrims alike who enter this hallowed space. Features include a 12th century crypt and an exhibition of the Cathedral's Treasures.

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