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Few travel plans are as special as weddings and honeymoons.

The word “honeymoon” exists in many languages. The Welsh word for honeymoon is mis mÍl (honey month). In Hebrew it is 'Yerach D'vash translated to honey month. In Arabic it is shahr el 'assal also translated to honey month. The Spanish word for honeymoon is la luna de miel (the moon of honey), the Italian luna di miele (same translation), and the Greek μήνας του μέλιτος (same translation). The Persian word for it is mah e asal which has both the translations honeymoon and honey month (mah in Persian meaning both moon and month).


No matter how it's spelled or pronounced, Towson Travel has the experience needed to help you plan that special trip. Our staff has helped numerous couples and wedding parties with all the details of getting to locations in the Caribbean, Central America and Europe. After the wedding, only our staff knows where the honeymooners are going! Do you want a secluded getaway where it's only you and your new spouse?  Or a location where nightlife and entertainment is also part of the honeymoon?

Call us today or submit a wedding request for details on how we can help you plan that special event in your life.

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